6th International Workshop on Microplasmas

Guidelines of the International Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Microplasmas (IWM)

  • Scope

    IWM focuses on the fundamental physics, chemistry and engineering of microdischarges in miniaturized configurations.
    Presentations on new and emerging applications are encouraged.
  • Purpose

    The purpose of IWM is to provide a forum for informal exchange on the latest research in the areas covered in the scope.
    There will be no proceedings published.
  • Frequency and site of the meeting

    The meeting should be held at intervals from 18 to 24 months.
    Flexibility is desirable.
    In general, the location alternates between sites in Asia, Europe and the USA.
  • Organization guidelines

    IWM is organized by an International Scientific Committee (ISC) and a Local Organizing committee (LOC).
  • ISC

    The ISC consists of up to 10 members.
    Members should be actively working in the field of microplasmas or have a major drive for developing this field or supporting it.
    Members should expect to actively serve for three consecutive meetings and to represent the larger community rather than their local community.
    Non-active members should be replaced.

    A rough geographical and topical balance of the ISC is desired.
    The activity level of the regions should also be considered.
    One of its members is elected by the ISC as chair and serves in this role for one meeting.
    The chairperson may optionally select one or two co-chairs (not necessarily from the ISC) with specific areas of responsibility (e.g. interface with local organizers).

    At each IWM about 50% of the ISC is replaced by new members.
    Suggestions for new members will be made by the departing ISC members.
    In addition, suggestions may be made by attendees of IWM meetings to the acting chair.
    The final decisions on new members will be made by the "old"- ISC in a consensual way.
    The ISC will typically meet during the IWM workshop and possibly on appropriate occasions (conferences) in between.
  • Responsibilities of the ISC

    The roles of the scientific committee are to assure continuity from one meeting to the next, to promote the IWM, to nominate potentially interesting speakers/topics, to set up the scientific program and to advise the workshop chairperson on all matters related to the upcoming meeting or future of the IWM.
  • Responsibilities of the ISC chair and co-chairs

    The chairperson's main role is to organize the selection of the scientific program based on suggestions from the scientific committee.
    The chairperson should submit the program to the ISC for discussion and final approval.
  • Responsibilities of the local organizers

    The local organization assumes financial responsibility and is responsible for the local arrangements.
    The LOC takes care of the technical organization of the meeting and abstract submission/registration and assists the ISC in the paper selection.
  • Changes of the guidelines

    Changes and amendments to the guidelines may be proposed to the acting chair by any scientific participant of the IWM meeting.
    They require a 2/3 majority vote of the ISC members present at the next IWM meeting.