6th International Workshop on Microplasmas

Invited speakers

  • Peter Bruggeman (Netherlands)
    Microplasmas in bubbles and liquids
  • Demetre Economou (USA)
    Modeling and Diagnostics of Microplasma Discharges
  • Yogesh B. Gianchandani (USA)
    Microplasmas for Microinstruments: Case Studies in Environmental Sensin
  • Tomohiro Nozaki (Japan):
    Electron driven microchemistry for Green technology: direct synthesis of methane to methanol
  • Deborah O'Connel (UK)
    Plasma dynamics in atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • Sergey Pancheshnyi (France)
    Discharges in small voids in dielectrics
  • Laxminarayan Raja (USA)
    Modeling and simulation of microdischarge based micropropulsion devices
  • Umberto Ravaioli (USA)
    Challenges in modeling and simulation of charge transport at interfaces and heterogeneous electronic systems
  • Nader Sadeghi (France)
    Advanced optical diagnostics in microdischarges
  • Masaharu Shiratani (Japan)
    Plasma nanofactories for constructing nanosystems in the third generation nanotechnology
  • Achim von Keudell (Germany)
    Reaction chemistry in reactive microplasma jets
  • Thomas von Woedke (Germany)
    In vitro characterization of plasma sources as fundamental requirement for biomedical applications

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